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With a passion for health and fitness and a love for cooking, it was only natural for us to become more aware of what we were consuming on a regular basis. After watching the documentary “Food, Inc.”, we vowed to replace as much of what we ate with organic food, as possible. We started reading the list of ingredients on the packaged spice mixes we were using to flavour our food and not just the nutritional information. First of all, not being able to pronounce half the ingredients is never a good sign, but through more research we found out that these chemical additives are not only unnatural, but that they also have a lot of adverse effects on our overall health and our bodies.

With all our newfound information, we decided to find more simple and natural alternatives to the food scientist creations we had been eating! We didn't want to give up our favourite dishes and we knew that there had to be a healthier substitute. After countless hours researching and sourcing the proper ingredients, plus hundreds of tasting and testing experiments, came the birth of our five high quality spice mixes that are perfect for many meals! Totally Taco, Frankly Fajita, Hamburger Zip, Breakfast Kick and Sassy Salt are mouthwatering spice blends that will help you create amazing taste without ingredients like MSG, aspartame and more!

We at T&A Spice Co., have put a lot of time and energy into sourcing authentic ingredients and have spared no expense in ensuring that our herbs and spices match the quality standards we all deserve! Whether you are looking to organic, gluten free spices for health reasons, or you are simply interested in experiencing something with superior taste, we encourage you to give our spices a try!


Most Popular Spices

Totally Taco

Taco lovers get ready to embrace our organic blend of this Mexican classic!

The robust combination of chili's, peppers and spices will show your tastebuds what they've been missing!

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Sassy Salt

Tired of all the unwanted additives in regular seasoned salt?

Our fusion of the highest quality Atlantic Sea Salt and flavourful organic spices will add some sass to whatever you see fit!

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